Facing Homosexuality

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

Question: My friend/brother/sister just told me that he/she is gay. How should I react? How can I tell them what Jesus says on this topic with love without hurting their feelings?

Answer: You are right, it is difficult to face this kind of question but God is here to inspire us and give us His wisdom when we ask Him!

There is not only one type of homosexual lifestyle, but there are as many lifestyles as there are homosexuals! Therefore, avoid easy answers.

Try to see this person as someone who is suffering and whom Jesus loves passionately. We encourage you not to take responsibility for bringing this person to their senses and understand that it is not your job to change their mind. Let the Holy Spirit do His work in their life.

Pray for them, live your relationship with God before them, and continue to love them without compromising your convictions, while asking God to inspire you and lead you. They will see your love and we pray that they will hear the Holy Spirit calling them and giving them the desire to become a man/woman who is living according to the heart of God.

First and foremost, genuinely love this person. You can win them through your love. Your prayers are very effective, and God hears you!

We encourage you to start the conversation by saying that God loves them, regardless of their sexual orientation. God hates the sin not the person. Then, emphasize that sexuality is holy, good, and a gift from God.

Focus first on how God created sexuality and God's divine plan for sex (between two people of the opposite sex who are married). Of course, it will be necessary to explain to them that any attraction and sexual act which leaves this divine context is not good because God did not create us for that.

You can also explain to them that being tempted or having homosexual attractions is not a sin in itself. This person must know that if they have these feelings, they can come to you and ask for you to pray for God to help them understand His divine design for their life.

Teach them that our sexual desires do not define our identity because it is only in Christ we can find our true identity. Christ teaches us through His Word how to live fully fulfilled in our identity as children of God.

The Bible shows us that we have free will; we can make choices. We can also victoriously resist our temptations by coming daily before our Heavenly Father to receive His protection, His help, and to be delivered from any desire that does not come from Him.

We are praying with you for the salvation and growth in faith of this person whom Jesus loves so much, as well as for you, that God will give you His wisdom and His love as you discuss these themes with them.


Eric and Rachel's team

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