Generosity: With Your Time

The holiday season often brings about a reflection on the gifts, the celebration and the taste that these moments will leave. Eric and I like to look back and think about the best times we had as a family around the holiday season.

The results are always summed up in the same sentences: “Do you remember when we spent the holidays with this or that person?” “Do you remember when we did this or that activity with the children?” etc...

What are your best memories?

When we spend time with those we love, and those we discover, we learn about generosity and we learn to give it in a different way.

Spending time together, with no other purpose than to connect and enjoy each other, is a privilege. Our time is a scarce commodity, because it is the only thing we cannot make up for... The minutes and the hours that have passed are gone forever.

So, at the end of this year, let us be generous with our time, with those we love, with those we want to serve, and with those whom God puts in our way.

Let's organize a time of volunteering with our family for the distribution of Christmas gifts to those who are disadvantaged.
Let's invite someone we don't really know, but with which God puts on our hearts, to spend time with.
Let’s save time to do nothing with those we love.
Let’s enjoy each other around a board game, a meal to prepare, or a movie to watch.

Our time is precious. This is so true. So, let's be generous with the hours that God grants us to live... This is a great way to build memories that will mark the lives of those around us, as much as our own.

Rachel Miquel Dufour