I Choose My Church

Updated: Nov 16

Choosing a church is one of the most important decisions a Christian couple can make. This group of believers will undeniably direct a large part of the spiritual and social life of the couple. Friendship, direction and crucial life decisions will inevitably be influenced by this choice.

The New Testament tells us our fellowship with other believers is a vital part of the life of believers. We are encouraged to discover Christ through and in the life of this community.

Having a church life is essential for our spiritual growth. In this context, we are daily exposed to other believers and to a diversity of spiritual levels, opinions, and personalities. This is both positive and negative! But it is by living out our convictions, and seeing how others do the same, that we can grow in our faith.

Here, we find support in prayer, we learn from the teaching, and we have a chance to serve others in various ways.

You have the right to choose your church according to your personal biblical tastes and preferences.

Always make sure that salvation by grace is clearly taught. What does this mean?  The central message is that of the cross as well as that each person can have a second chance in Christ.

Some denominations focus on people following their rules rather than on individual growth. They focus on one’s need to come to all the services in order to please God more than each individual’s personal relationship with Him.

Also check if what is being taught is biblical! Ask questions about the life of the church, the role of the pastor(s), and leaders... You have the right!

Make sure you are looking for the Holy Spirit’s presence in church meetings.

Look into the welcoming services, the children’s ministries, the various activities available for believers. You can try a church for a few weeks and then visit another one until the Lord places on your heart which church should become your home!

To have the choice between several churches is a privilege for which we must thank God. When there is only one church in a city, we just have to deal with it!

In any case, give glory to God for the religious freedom of your country which allows you to make this choice.

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Eric Dufour