Learning to Celebrate the Little Things

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

Some time ago, Rachel and I received a long-time friend in our home, a pastor, who had been a widower for two years. We loved his wife and knew how much he had suffered when she went to be with Jesus. During our time with him, we simply wanted to listen to him and spend time with him. During our discussion, he gave us some words of wisdom that we want to share with you.

When he told us how happy he had been with his wife, he shared with us that the biggest moments they had lived together, such as their marriage or the birth of their children, where not what mattered the most in his eyes.

According to our friend, what had most marked their long married life were all the small pleasurable moments they spent together.

Sitting down for a coffee, going for a walk hand in hand, going food shopping (yes!), watching the sunset, sitting in front of the chimney after a long day, the little thoughful acts, a look, a smile, ... The list is long!

But yes, one of the secrets of living a happy life lies in our ability to recognize the value of the little moments, and to celebrate them! Why? Maybe it’s better to ask, why not?

Because it allows our hearts to make good habits. We all dream to experience great and beautiful things in our lifetime, and this is a good ambition. But often, those who have a lot are not satisfied!

Warren Buffett, one of the richest men in the world, once was asked this question: "When will you know that you have enough to be satisfied?” His answer is legendary: "When I have a little more." He demonstrated by his response that it is not how much we have that counts but our state of heart and mind that motivates us.

Celebrating the little things is being grateful for what we have. It is to be in content without letting what we don’t have consume us and make us unhappy. Let's not live awaiting the great moments before celebrating our life and its Author. Let’s thank Him for all of the little joyful moments He gives us each day and celebrate them so that we can better learn to notice them!

Become a source of celebration!

David the psalmist-king wrote many psalms of praise in which he emphasizes specific spiritual activities: Praise and celebration. "I will praise the Lord while I live; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being". (Psalms 104:33, 146:2)

When we praise we choose to have faith. We choose to put our God and His person first in our life. We put the Giver before His gifts. We raise our hearts above the contingencies of this world, our worries, our limits, what we are lacking, and our concerns… and affirm: Yes, there is truly a God of love who reigns eternally and who loves me. He takes care of me every day according to His promises, whether I realize it or not.

I chose to praise and celebrate His name, His person to testify of the hope I have.

But celebration doesn’t stop here. True it is due our Creator first and foremost but it can also extends to His creation! Let's develop in our lives an attitude of celebration. Celebrate His magnificent creation, the beauty of His nature, and also the beauty of the humans He has created.

Yes, let’s learn to honor those around us. Let’s put forward their qualities, recognize these qualities by telling them that you see them. Let's tell them how grateful we are to know them, how much we appreciate their personality.

Some when reading these lines will argue saying, "But, they’re not perfect". That’s true, but they already know that! And the devil makes sure to remind them of this every day.

Others might say, "But, this will make them prideful" If this is ever the case, the Holy Spirit will take responsibility of working in their hearts, trust Him!

Our responsibility is to celebrate and encourage. Paul exhorts us many times to do so in his Epistles.

Your spouse, your children, your parents, your friends, your colleagues ... You see their faults and let them know, so why not choose to focus on their qualities and tell them?

Often there are very few moments when we receive words of blessing, remember how much good these words did to your soul the last time you received them!

Why not decide today to celebrate those whom God has placed in your life? Try it and see the results!

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