Live with Intentionality

Updated: Oct 4

A life without regret must be patiently built one day at a time.

  • If you are already married and are asking yourself if you made a mistake, remember  your marriage covenant before God is serious. Even if you did not sincerely consult Him before saying "yes" in front of the legal authority in your country, God was present. We firmly believe if you let God be involved in your marriage and family life, He can redeem the years of your life in which He did not have the first place and help you organize your family around Him. So, if you are married, the question must not be, "Is this the right husband/wife for me?” but rather, "Lord, how can I love my husband/wife the way you want me to love him/her?”

  • If you want to move forward and grow, do not consider the place you are at right now as a failure but as a starting point. There is no failure in life, but only opportunities to learn and grow.

  • If you feel stuck, paralyzed, or too hurt to walk alone, ask for help. Faith, prayer and the Word of God are excellent weapons at our disposal. But sometimes we need outside help to get back on our feet. It is not betraying God to ask for help. Jesus, in the garden of Gethsemane, asked His disciples for help because the fight was too heavy and difficult for Him to carry alone. The wounded man on the road from Jerusalem to Jericho needed the good Samaritan in order to be saved, to heal and to recover.

You are absolutely right to want to live God’s will for your life.

The key word is intentionality.

Do not stay in a wishful thinking mindset but choose to act by deciding to first take care of your marriage. God is with you!

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