Love is a Choice

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

A life filled with eyes twinkling with love and passion for our spouse has to be cultivated because it can sometimes falter. This is part of life and one of the challenges married couples face. Fortunately, God has given us all we need to be able to maintain this passion and stay in love.

The keys are to keep our eyes on our spouse, to fill our thoughts with their beauty, exclusively filling your tank with images of them alone, attaching our feelings and emotions to them without reserve. When our tank is full, there is no room for pictures of others.

A friendship developed intentionally and regularly also ensures the couple is bulletproof. When our hearts, our minds, and our bodies are attached to each other, there is no room for other attachments that would distance us from our spouse.

As we discussed, regular dates are also a key to keeping a couple in love for a lifetime. These special moments, away from the world, allowing the husband and wife to reconnect, release a concoction of love hormones (phenylethylamine, C8H11N) in the bodies of the lovers. For this reason, we strongly recommend you schedule at least two hours every week for a romantic date.

Choose to hope and believe that with God’s help, you will be able to get through the trials of life, that He will be there to carry you when the storm seems too strong and you’re afraid of drowning. He will keep hope alive in your hearts.

Choosing to rely on the definition of love found in 1 Corinthians 13 which is a strong foundation for a marriage. To love is also a choice. Choosing to love gives us the strength to choose to be kind to our spouse.

We pray you choose to build a marriage that brings you all the happiness God desires for you. Make your spouse happy and you will receive happiness in return. God wants the best for your life, for your marriage and with His help, it is NEVER too late to rebuild, restore and move forward together while firmly grounded in the love that God has for each of you.

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