Overcoming Adultery

Updated: Oct 4

Very few believers begin an adulterous relationship consciously saying that they want to be unfaithful to their spouse.

The adulterous thoughts often start subtly. When a basic need like lack of emotional or physical intimacy is neglected, suffering can open doors. The causes of adultery can be numerous.

This circumstance worsens when it is accompanied by a lack of quality communication between spouses. Taboo subjects that are never discussed cause an absence of peace in the relationship and a refusal to face reality. Past hurts and behaviors can block any hope of healing. The stage is then set for a crisis.

All that is needed now in this recipe for disaster is the kind person at the office or in church whom we feel like we can trust to talk with about our problems, someone who listens to us, maybe even a prayer partner.  An exclusive relationship has started to develop, and, without noticing it at first, the danger of adultery has already taken root in our heart.

For other people, it will be old temptations - longing looks, flirting, pornography - that will come to the surface and offer an "easy alternative" to marriage difficulties, providing a way to escape.

It is at this moment that we must listen to the warnings of the Holy Spirit, remember the words of Christ, and throw ourselves into His arms to receive His forgiveness and help.

The next step is to recognize the temptation and/or sin and confess it to our spouse. Yes, this is a difficult process, but believe me when I say often the most difficult thing for the deceived spouse to overcome, in addition to the adultery, is the feeling of betrayal due to all the lies and secrets which took place between them.

In any case, look for professional help, preferably from a Christian. God has the power to restore today what may seem impossible to save. Trust Him and believe that in Him hope can be reborn!

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