The Author of Sexuality

Updated: Oct 4, 2020

The Holy Spirit created sexuality to be beautiful and pure. He is the author. When a couple is intimate, the Holy Spirit does not quickly leave the room! He remains in them because there is nothing dirty in His eyes, as long as the couple stays within these three golden rules.

God has left His Spirit in us. He gave us common sense, discernment and intelligence to exercise judgment. He also created us with a free will that allows us to choose what we like and what we do not like. Both of you can pray to God about this, He is your most intimate counselor and wants you to be sexually fulfilled in marriage. 

The sexual symphony of each couple is their own and is private. It belongs solely between the husband and the wife. Your symphony does not have to sound like that of another couple. You have the right to love or dislike whatever you want in this setting.

Remember, what you experience after a year of marriage will probably change ten years down the road and will continue to evolve!

The only instruction Paul gives us is to not sexually deprive ourselves of each other

(1 Corinthians 7:6) and to come together again without delay after being separated for fasting and prayer. This is because the act of marriage is a way for each spouse to spiritually, emotionally and physically protect each other.

Even now, religious puritans would like to define binding rules applicable to every marriage, because of their own struggles and opinions. Fortunately, it is not what God asks!

Discover the freedom your God has given you in your Christian marriage and rejoice with one another in mutual respect and love, under the guidance of the Holy Spirit who lives in you!

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