The "Nothing Box"

Updated: Oct 4

"What are you thinking about?”


Have you ever asked your man this question and his answer left you speechless? This is an experiment that I have fun testing with all my men, my husband and my five sons, and the answer is always the same: nothing!

Mark Gungor says it best! Mark is a comedian and pastor who talks about marriage in a refreshing way, especially in “The story of the two brains”. Mark was right, men have boxes in their brains that allow them to organize their thoughts, and compartmentalize their lives and their problems. It is often for this reason that men have a strong need for time to transition when they get home from work. They need a space that allows them to decompress and change boxes. And in the middle of all these boxes in your man’s head, there is one that is empty... nothing, nada... 

In my opinion, this box is a real blessing! I would like to have one too but this is reserved for men.

So, my friend, do not try to get into this box, do not try to decorate it, to put flowers in it and especially do not invite yourself into this space.

When your man is quietly settled in his “nothing box”, he is probably evacuating the pressures of the day, recharging his batteries, transitioning from one box to another. In short, he is doing what all other men do in their “nothing box”. 

This will give you a good topic for conversation to better understand your man, ask him what these moments bring to him and, above all, reassure him that you will never try to invade his precious “nothing box”!

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