5-Day intensives

Private, week-long, intensive couples therapy which includes lodging from Sunday evening until Friday noon and meals. 

Since the confinement, we have started offering online intensive couples therapy through daily video conferences. Couples set themselves aside, someone cares for their children, and they take real time off from work to devote 5 days to focus on restoring their marriage.

One on One E-Counseling

Appointments over Skype or FaceTime for those in ministry that do not have access to member care: 

55 min. counseling session with Eric or Rachel

55 min. counseling session with Eric and Rachel


The more people we equip, the more marriage crises can be avoided. If you would like to invite us for a conference, we would need to know the format: how many days, how many interventions, what themes for what audience, etc. Pricing varies depending on the length of the conference, travel and other expenses.


France, Colorado

and SE Asia

80+ Countries reached!