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What is SAM? 


SAM offers a comprehensive range of services in many areas including: prevention, intensive couples therapy, pastoral care, spiritual and emotional healing, restoration, as well as spiritual mentoring and guidance. 


We provide individual, marriage and crisis counseling for ministry leaders such as pastors, missionaries and those in parachurch organizations in the United States and all over the world who are going through a period of burnout, spiritual confusion and/or relational crisis. As we travel the world, we often do week long intensives with struggling couples and conferences in national and international churches where we talk openly, without taboos, about God, sex and the family. 

Hurray for the Va-Jay-Jay: Female Sexuality from Cradle to Grave


This is a celebration of womanhood. It is both simple and easy to read. Remember, a journey into a woman’s sexuality lasts throughout her entire lifetime.​
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Remember the Beatles song, “All You Need is Love”? Well, as you may have noticed, this is anything but true! It may be that you have been married for several years with children, but the dream to be the ideal Christian couple seems far removed from your daily life.


“Today, with five out of ten marriages ending in divorce, love alone is obviously not enough!” This statement by Sharmion Foucault is well documented and shows that it is not a given that just because you are married doesn’t mean that love will keep you together! There are many biblical principles that need to be applied, rules of life to respect. The Bible is a marriage manual that many Christian couples often know little about.


Unfortunately, succeeding as a couple is a subject that is too often very little addressed in concrete terms in our churches, even though the need for such teaching becomes more and more urgent as successful marriages become the exception. But we’re here to bring you hope. Keeping the passion alive despite the passing of time and trials is possible!


Are you ready to learn how to have a fulfilling marriage? To access the keys to building your relationship on a solid foundation, enroll for the course and watch one video a day. Don't forget to do the homework after each video that is found in the course manuals!

6 Keys to Healing from Sexual Infidelity
Sexual infidelity is devastating to any marriage. Is it possible to restore your relationship after infidelity? The good news is, yes, restoration is possible! These six keys will help heal, restore and rebuild your marriage. 

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