Your Donations Matter

Have you been blessed by our ministry? It is because many of you have so generously invested in our lives and Serving Alongside Ministry (SAM) that we can provide our professional and biblical counseling resources to singles and married couples alike. 


We are confident that God wants all of us to be healthy individuals, and have healthy marriages and families. As pastors and marriage and family therapists, we passionately believe the time has come to eradicate unhealthy relational and sexual paradigms. Our French background, experience as parents of five sons, missionary work in Asia, and years spent as pastors in France, all contribute to our unique perspective. 

How Funds Are Used

SAM offers a comprehensive range of services in many areas including: prevention, intensive couples therapy, pastoral care, spiritual and emotional healing, restoration, as well as spiritual mentoring and guidance. 


We provide individual, marriage and crisis counseling for ministry leaders such as pastors, missionaries and those in parachurch organizations in the United States and all over the world who are going through a period of burnout, spiritual confusion and/or relational crisis. As we travel the world, we often do week long intensives with struggling couples and conferences in national and international churches where we talk openly, without taboos, about God, sex and the family. 


“Recently, we attended a 5 day marriage intensive retreat. The rendez-vous was nestled on the edge of a large rice field. The counsellors and the food were French. When Eric and Rachel told us that some Christians had fully paid for our marriage retreat and others, 600 others, had pledged to pray daily for God to work deeply in our hearts over these 5 days, we were astounded. God’s other children, our much larger family around the world, really care about us personally. And they care about the present and future state of our marriage. This was an experience of God’s love that we will never forget. Because of God’s presence and God’s larger family, our 5 days were not just a nice break. Healing was done in our hearts and in our marriage. But now we need to live out daily what we have learned and experienced in a fresh way. We do thank the Lord and we covet your prayers.

Marriage is the fabric of our society.

This is why we would like to invite you to help create a healthy society by empowering healthy marriages!

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